Small sample volume required – especially ideal for smaller animals

A 100 µl sample is all that’s needed to up to 17 parameters from one analysis in less than 12 minutes. The disposable reagent discs containing freeze-dried reagents makes the instrument extremely easy to handle. No preparations required, no pre-dilution required, no start-up times required, no individual loading of different parameters. It’s that simple.

Only 3 simple steps are required for an analysis:

Take the blood sample and insert the sample material of choice (serum, plasma or whole blood) into the rotor of choice.

Insert the rotos into the analyzer.

Read the results – less than 12 minutes later.

Small volume in combination with flexible sample material

Only 100 µl is needed for getting the results for up to 17 parameters in one analysis.

Both whole blood, plasma and serum can all be used depending on your available material.


The single-use plastic reagent discs contain all necessary reagents and makes the Exigo C200 completely maintenance free. This means time savings for the lab!

Maintenance free also incorporates reliable results, and with the built-in quality control you also have a monitor for the analyzer, rotor, and sample before and during every analysis.

Small footprint

With a size of only 190 × 210 × 220 mm and a weight of 4.2 kg together with a built-on handle at the back, the Exigo C200 is a portable, light system taking up hardly any valuable bench space that the veterinarian might need. Moreover, the built-in printer adds to this benefit minimizing potential space required for other equipment.

Multiple parameters

Exigo C200 offers different rotors for analysis depending on the desired or required parameters to be analyzed. This allows for the veterinarians to efficiently get several parameters in one analysis combined. Depending on the parameters to be analyzed the C200 flexibly offers and combines various testing principals of absorption spectroscopy, transmission turbidimetry and end-point, rate or fixed time testing methods.

Intuitive graphical interface with flexible settings

The system’s 6.5-inch color touch TFT screen with self-intuitive touch-screen tabs, buttons and explanations are both clear and descriptive. This allows for simple and easy handling.

Flexible settings of for instance parameter units and names also allows the use to adapt to their preferences and laboratory’s protocols.