Exigo veterinary hematology system

Recognized by veterinary surgeons the world over for its reliable,
accurate blood counts. Exigo is the analyzer of choice for their entire professional needs.

The human way to care for animals

  • Designed from the very outset for veterinary surgeons
  • Needs just one drop of blood – ideal for small pets
  • Accurate blood counts in less than one minute
  • Best system for users and the animals under their care
  • Twelve pre-installed animal profiles
  • Automated cleaning plus blood-clot prevention
  • Easy-to-change on-board reagents

Veterinary surgeons commitment to animal health means that they always look to solutions that offer the best possible care. For hematology analyzers, this means accurate results, total instrument reliability and a truly professional approach to meeting the special needs of their very special patients. Exigo veterinary hematology system delivers all these attributes.

Exigo veterinary hematology system – renowned and reliable

Recognized by veterinary surgeons the world over for its reliable, accurate blood counts, Exigo is the analyzer of choice for their entire professional needs.

Maintenance-free system
with automatic cleaning

Exigo requires no regular user maintenance. It even includes an on-board automated cleaning system, so there’s no risk of overlooking this vital task.

Advanced 4-part WBC diff
– quality results to rely on

Reagent-based eosinophil method provides a 4-part differentiation of white blood cells. A quality method for one of the more difficult parameters you need to measure.

Needs just one drop of blood

– ideal for small pets

A 20 µl sample is all that’s needed to obtain a full CBC within one minute. Exigo’s micro-pipette adapter makes sampling smooth and trouble-free for all concerned.